updated on 15 November 2018
09 May 2017
Written by Reporter T.S (Nepal)

 It has been 6 years living in Japan and this country has fascinated me to spend more time to live here. When I first arrived here, as other foreigners I also had to face many difficulties mostly like learning language, new foods and adapting with the culture of Japanese lifestyle. However, it was my second time to living outside the country. When I was 6 years old, I lived in India with my parents but I barely remember any experiences while I was in India. Therefore, Japan is the first country where I am experiencing my livelihood and as a foreign country where I still have to face many challenges to sustain as a foreigner.
Japan is one of the most developed countries in Asia and is well known for its hospitality, hard-working people, sumo culture, foods like sushi, technology, etc. which has been attracting many people around the world. When I consider my experience in Japan, I admire the modern technology and its implementation on real ground. I am truly amazed to see the Japanese technology which inspires me every day like various kinds of hi-tech trains. Japanese hi-tech toilets which has totally introduced the whole new level of experience regarding old Japanese style toilet to multi-functional toilet.

Simple squat toilet (oldest type)

Bidet-style toilet (modern toilet)

I am from one of the developing country in South Asia. I grew up in rural environment rather than modern developed area. The town I grew up, lacked of development and technology at that time. Even today, many rural areas are far from such technological awareness compared to developed countries and still many places lack of normal toilets. Also in cities and urban areas, a   few of public toilets are available or have been managed concerning visitors. But those public toilets which are in use are in poor conditions with no cleaning and maintenance, no water, no toilet papers etc. ‘Toilet’ sounds very common word, however it is utmost important for all of us with proper cleaning and necessary toilet stuffs.


Emergency button

Control area

Flush button

When I visit various places in Japan, I always find well managed toilets in public places like inside train stations, shopping malls, offices, restaurants, public parks and even in streets. I admire the well managed systems that quote “Just feel free and use it free” and we don’t have to worry about toilets while visiting any places in Japan. Toilets are very modern and have developed these days in Japan. These toilets are built using modern technology to provide ease to user as it facilitates different options.

Developers have made many advanced icons or controls (operation area with illustrations) to operate different purposes. For example, toilet sound effects to feel fresh and minimizing toilet noises between different simultaneous users in different toilets under same roof, spray seat (automatic washing button) which has eliminated the use of toilet papers and toilet floors are made in such a way that reduce bad odor or smell.  In many places such hi-tech toilet functions’ instructions marked only in Japanese letter “Kanji” which often confuses foreigner users like me who are not familiar with such advance toilet system. Twice I had to press emergency button due to confusion because I wasn’t used to an automatic sensor flushing and couldn’t read Japanese letter at that time. It was a funny moment but I learned Japanese toilets are built concerning the public safety point of view. Almost every Japanese toilet has an emergency button in case of emergency. Nowadays, I find many toilet icons and instructions are written in English considering foreign users and if we closely inspect the control area then we can understand the illustrations as well.  Many other facilities are also available inside the toilet room such as diaper change table, baby seat, jet towel (hand dryer) etc.

Diaper changing table

Baby seat

Hand dryer

Japanese people are very hard working and that is why we can see their fine results in an every single aspect of development area and hi-tech toilet is one of them. Japan is very popular for its modern and high technology throughout the world which I like very much.